14 April 2016

New York’s tallest tower joins Vertical World Circuit

One World Observatory at One World Trade Center will host the T2T Tower Climb on May 15 – the tallest skyscraper in the western hemisphere and fourth-highest in the world. Not only New York’s tallest tower, but the tallest building in the western hemisphere, topping out at 546m at the tip of the spire, One […]

11 April 2016

Dubai Holding Skyrun – records smashed

  VWC World Champions Piotr Lobodzinski and Suzy Walsham smash standing records at Dubai Holding Skyrun, Friday, April 8. VWC ranking leaders are Lobodzinski and Svabikova Celebrating the 14th edition of the Dubai Holding Skyrun, the International Skyrunning Federation and Dubai Holding partnered to hold the second stage of the Vertical World Circuit on the […]

5 April 2016

Vertical World Circuit – flying high in Dubai

  A joint venture between the International Skyrunning Federation and Dubai Holding bring the Vertical World Circuit for the first time to the Middle East and Dubai. The world’s top skyscraper racers, including the reigning VWC champions, will be toeing the start line of the the third highest tower on the circuit, the Dubai Holding […]

9 March 2016

2016 VWC kicks off in London

Launching the 2016 Vertical World Circuit, top skyscraper racers Lobodzinski and Svabikova are victorious in Shelter’s Vertical Rush held on Tower 42 in London’s financial district, Tuesday, March 8. Elite international skyscraper racers, together with 1,005 runners, summited the Tower. The event marked the launch of the 2016 Vertical World Circuit and the eighth edition of […]

7 March 2016

2016 Vertical World Circuit launches in London

Launching the 2016 Vertical World Circuit, some of world’s top skyscraper racers will join more than 1,000 participants in Shelter’s Vertical Rush on March 8th to the top of Tower 42 in the heart of London’s financial centre. Celebrating eight years of activity, the 2016 Vertical World Circuit continues its upward climb launching with the […]

6 December 2015

VWC Grand Finale crowns Walsham and Lobodzinski

Vertical World Circuit superstars Suzy Walsham and Piotr Lobodzinski are crowned champions at the Grand Finale on Hong Kong’s highest building, the iconic International Commerce Centre. The two reigning champions were unbeatable after scoring five out of the necessary four wins of the eight-race circuit. Australians Darren Wilson and Suzy Walsham were the race winners however, […]

29 November 2015

Hong Kong hosts Vertical World Circuit Grand Finale

  30 November, 2015 For the third consecutive year, on December 6, the Vertical World Circuit will hold the finals of the eight-race tour on Hong Kong’s highest building, the iconic International Commerce Centre towering 484m above the South China Sea. It’s natural that one of the world’s most vertical cities should host the cirucit’s […]

25 October 2015

Records all round at Shanghai semi finals

  Poland’s Piotr Lobodzinski and China’s Gan Xue won the seventh stage of the 2015 Vertical World Circuit at Shanghai’s Two International Finance Centre Tower Sunday, October 25. A record attendance of more than 1,400 runners lined up to tackle the 1,460 steps and 54 floors. It wasn’t just a record attendance, but also a new course record set […]

23 October 2015

Shanghai – anticipation mounts for Vertical World Circuit semi finals

A record attendance of more than 1,400 runners are lining up for Sunday’s Vertical World Circuit at the Race to Shanghai IFC where the world’s top specialists will compete to score ranking points in the circuit’s semi finals. 1,460 steps up 54 floors is the challenge awaiting the runners. Heading the ranking is 2014 Vertical World Champion, Poland’s […]

21 September 2015

Lobodzinski & Walsham winners at Beijing

  China’s capital city Beijing hosted for the third time round a race up the city’s tallest skyscraper: 82 floors and 2,041 steps at the China World Summit Wing Hotel Vertical Run with a new men’s record. The 6th leg of the Vertical World Circuit took place on September 19 with 800 runners from 20 […]