2019 Vertical World Circuit

Since 2009 the annual Vertical World Circuit has been uniting race organisers, creating new events and recruiting and managing élite athletes on some the world’s most iconic skyscrapers.  A ranking system awards world champion titles and an end of season prize purse.

The 2019 Vertical World Circuit features eleven races, with two new additions, Milan and Ho Chi Minh City plus a welcome come-back to Dubai. Check out the full calendar for details of these prestigious races.

Anyone can enter. Why not join more than 100,000 runners in the skyscraper of your choice for a run that’s as exhilarating as the view from the top?

6 April 2019

Records fly at 2019 VWC launch in Seoul

The glittering line-up promised at the 2019 Vertical World Circuit launch in Seoul outshone expectations with the first two men summiting under record time. The third edition of the Lotte World Tower International Sky Run saw a record 1,600 competitors take part today in the fifth tallest building in the world and the highest race […]

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2 April 2019

Star line-up set for VWC launch in Seoul

Launching the 2019 Vertical World Circuit will be a glittering star line-up of elite athletes at the Lotte World Tower International Sky Run on April 6 in Seoul, South Korea. Lotte World Tower is the world’s fifth tallest building and the circuit’s highest race – topping out at 555m above street level with a lung-busting 2,917 steps.   “We are very pleased […]

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31 January 2019

2019 Vertical World Circuit – new races announced

Celebrating ten years since the launch, the world’s premier skyscraper racing tour announces the 2019 Vertical World Circuit calendar. Eleven races, the highest number to date, stretch across the globe from New York to London, Paris and Milan in Europe, via Dubai in the Middle East and on to Asia, hub of the world’s tallest […]

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2 December 2018

Hong Kong’s triumphant VWC Grand Finale

After eight races in some of the world’s most iconic skyscrapers, the 2018 Vertical World Circuit closed triumphantly with the Grand Finale up Hong Kong’s tallest building today. Close on 2,000 runners from a record 38 countries participated in the SHKP Vertical Run for Charity: Race to Hong Kong ICC where 2,120 steps and 82 […]

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27 November 2018

Hong Kong ICC hosts VWC Grand Finale for the sixth time

Close on 2,000 runners from a record 38 countries will line up for the 2018 Vertical World Circuit Grand Finale to summit Hong Kong’s tallest building on Sunday, December 2. The 2,120 steps up the 82 floors are the challenge facing the competitors in the SHKP Vertical Run for Charity: Race to Hong Kong ICC, […]

25 November 2018

Frost and Cardona take VWC London semi-final

A new record was set at the London stage of the 2018 Vertical World Circuit, Saturday, November 24, the semi-final of the nine-race skyscraper racing tour. The 35 floors and 877 steps of the Broadgate Tower Run Up were the challenge for 300 runners including an elite field from 17 countries. Briton Sarah Frost smashed her own […]

21 November 2018

VWC semi-final heads for London’s Broadgate Tower

The 2109 Vertical World Circuit semi-final is heading for London on Saturday, November 24 for the eighth stage of the skyscraper racing tour. For the first time on the circuit, the Broadgate Tower Run Up will attract some of the world’s top athletes competing for the ranking with an extra 25% bonus points awarded here. […]