31 五月 2018


纽约世界贸易中心一号大楼,T2T Tower Climb的场地,垂直马拉松世界巡回赛的第三站。 ©VWC


为纪念9/11,世界贸易中心一号大楼成为2018年垂直马拉松世界巡回赛第三站 T2T Tower Climb 的场地。在首尔巴黎的赛站之后,这座西半球最高以及世界第六高的建筑将举办第四届垂直跑步比赛。

6月3日,约1,000名运动员将参加 T2T Tower Climb 攀登挑战性的104层2,226个台阶。终点设在102楼世界贸易中心一号大楼观景台,象征着美国月精神的力量和希望,以及美国精神的弹性和不可战胜性

Piotr Lobodzinski 及 Suzy Walsham,在垂直马拉松世界巡回赛第一站 – 首爾,取得冠軍寶座。 ©Sporting Republic



2017年比赛冠军六届垂直马拉松世界巡回赛世界冠军,澳洲选手 Suzy Walsham 领衔精英阵容。
I’m so excited to be back in New York to run up this incredible building.  There’s always a lot of emotion associated with this race, held in honour of Captain Billy Burke and supporting the amazing work of the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation. It is a privilege to participate”, commented Walsham.“I’ve had a big month of racing and am in good form so I’m hoping for a strong performance on Sunday – with a 25% uplift in points, the race is an important one for my overall ranking.” 她在2017年以13’44“的成绩创造了赛事记录。

Italian Cristina Bonacina,2018年垂直馬拉松世界巡回賽中目前排名领先。 ©Harrys Bibila

T2T Tower Climb 将获得垂直马拉松世界巡回赛额外25%的奖励积分,四场奖励积分之一的赛事将影响在12月份在香港的垂直马拉松世界巡回赛准决赛将颁颁世界冠军头衔和现金奖励的最后排名。

首尔和巴黎赛站之后,目前排名领先是意大利的 Cristina Bonacina. “It will be my first race in One World Trade Center and I’m very pleased to take part and race – not just for the VWC points, but for everything the race represents. It will be very emotional. Let’s see what happens on Sunday!

四届垂直马拉松世界巡回赛世界冠军,来自波兰的 Piotr Lobodzinski 首次挑战这个赛站。他在首尔乐天世界大厦的首场巡回赛中获胜后说︰”One World Trade Center is one of the tallest buildings in the world, so it will be super long climb. I am very excited to come to New York City after my win on the Empire State Building in 2017. I can’t wait for the Sunday morning battle!”

意大利选手 Emanuele Manzi,巴黎赛事 VertiGo, Paris 的冠军。 ©Harrys Bibila

挑战他的将有目前排名领先的比利时选手 Omar Bekkali ,还有上周在巴黎取得胜利,目前排名第四的意大利选手 Emanuele Manzi ,以及目前排名第七的西班牙选手 Ignacio Cardones

2017年,德国选手 Thomas Dold 和澳洲选手 Darren Wilson 共同创造了12’19“的男子赛事纪录。Mr. Wilson 是一位消防员和垂直马拉松世界巡回赛精英,从世界各地参加比赛来到这里,向911事件中献出生命的同事表示敬意。

同样,26岁的消防员 Mikel Besora 将从西班牙出发来到纪念。“I have a lot of respect for that day, a very sad day, ” 他评论道。I’m a firefighter in a Nuclear Power Plant so I need to have strength to climb stairs. It is my first year in the discipline and it is incredible to travel the world racing new skyscrapers on the VWC circuit.”

Mary Siller-Scullin,9/11英雄 Stephen Siller 的妹妹和 Tunnel to Towers Foundation 的司库说: “The Tunnel to Towers Foundation is inspired by the rousing support of climbers from around the world.  The Tower Climb celebrates the selfless sacrifice of first responders on 9/11, New York’s rebuild of the iconic World Trade Center and the tremendous inner challenge faced by each individual climber.  It is wonderful that people from all parts of the world come together, in unity, to celebrate the triumph of the human spirit and to pay tribute to all that is good in us.”

来自英国的 David Harris 在参加 VertiGo, Paris 的赛事。 ©Harrys Bibila



这个星期天清晨开始的标志性比赛中的全场总成绩第一名男性和女性选手,将获得冠军奖杯以及由垂直马拉松世界巡回赛提供总数为 $ 2,000 的现金奖励。


2018 年垂直马拉松世界巡回赛排名

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